Good luck to my spatzi and have a great first day of work. You are going to do great, I know it. I’m so very proud of you and I love you very much.

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sometimes i recognize the fact that if my best friend and i were fictional characters people would ship us

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Bad news: I have to be at work at 6 am.

Good news: I’m off at 10 am.

Go to sleep

I was asleep. But then my stepmom’s dog decided he needed to bark at the front door for ten minutes and terrify me.

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Bad news: I have to be at work at 6 am.

Good news: I’m off at 10 am.

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shoutout to all the girls + women who have thick, dark, and abundant body hair and have to spend time and energy shaving every single day if they don’t want to be harassed by loved ones + strangers alike

shoutout to all the girls + women who decided its not worth their time, even if they only skip sometimes, and endure criticism, harassment, and stigma as the price for their own freedom of time + comfort

There are no pictures from this huge chunk of my life because I was so tired of being made fun of, my classmates and family members, for my body hair. So I shaved my arms and my eyebrows. I was young, probably nine or ten. Now I just accept the fact that I have hair… everywhere.

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do you ever talk to someone and feel really happy no matter how shit the conversation is

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Miche Braden sings “Story of My Life” by One Direction, New Orleans Style - Postmodern Jukebox cover (via YouTube)

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"Always be kinder than you feel."

—(via lonur)
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the bible said adam AND eve so i slept with them both

Well it’s the Bible, not the Straightble, I’m just following the book.

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Dylan O’Brien for Elle Magazine

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