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Ten bucks says this ends in baked goods from Colt

If it doesn’t, I’ll be highly surprised. At this point I should request something healthier because if Colt makes me something every time he apologizes for Jace being Jace, I’ll be the size of a house.

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This might be upsetting, but believe me - that's far from the intention: We will not allow you to die. Jace, Petal, Colt, Spatzi, me, and so many other people each carry a piece of you with us. And until every single life that you have touched ceases to be, you aren't goin' anywhere, hon. <3

*nuzzles* Thank you darling. It’s not upsetting to know that people will remember me, will keep me with them, long after I’m gone.

<33 Thank you Carly. 

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Jace: Want to see my shaved pussy?
Jace: *sends a picture of his cat who had surgery*
Me: What in the fuck is wrong with you?
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Colt must have the patience of a saint.

Colt is a very special person. He’s just a really chill guy, doesn’t really get angry or frustrated. His relationship with Jace is amazing because they are such opposites. Colt’s amazing.

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seekoutstarlight replied to your post: I’m sorry if anyone is trying to conta…

For five seconds I was worried, and then I just felt like I should have known it was Jace’s dick. You should turn it on and tell him to enjoy it before old age causes shrinkage and he needs pills to get it up.

I’m pretty positive that Jace could be on life support and his dick will still have a life of its own. 

(I turned my phone back on. In total? 16 dick picks, 1 picture that I’m pretty sure is Colt’s hand going to smack the phone out of Jace’s hand, one text from Colt that said “I’m so sorry, I thought he was taking a nap”.)

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I’m sorry if anyone is trying to contact me via cell right now. I had to turn mine off.

Jace keeps texting me pictures of his dick wearing hats.

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ijustwritethingsdown replied to your post: HAPPY 27th BIRTHDAY JACE!

Awwww!!! Happy Birthday, Jace!!!! He’s a pretty lucky guy to have a best friend like you!

He’s very lucky that I haven’t killed him yet. 

I love him but he’s a pain in the ass.

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Jace: Petal asked me if I was a hot dad.
Me: How did that even come up?
Jace: Her friend Amber's sister [17 year old] apparently mentioned something about it.
Me: Oh my god.
Jace: What do I say though? If I say yes, that's cocky, but if I say no, that's a lie.
Me: *hangs up*
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The rose she had offered was truly an enchanted rose, which would bloom until his twenty-first year. If he could learn to love another, and earn her love in return by the time the last petal fell, then the spell would be broken.

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My friend tried to give me a shirt that said “life’s a bitch and then you die” but I started crying so she took it away.

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Fuck fuck fucking fuck fuck.

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So Jace turns 27 years old today. It’s kind of amazing that he’s made it this far.

When I first met him, he was almost 20 years old. He lived alone, traveled a lot, slept around, and made money doing some seriously sketchy things.

Now he’s the father of two great kids, he’s in a relationship with an amazing guy, owns a home with his boyfriend and daughter, and holds down a handful of good jobs. 

My best friend might be an asshole and I might wonder how he survived this far, but he’s a great guy and I love him.

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